Brighter Future


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Bring a bit of sun – A combination of wildlife, flowers and colour would help brighten the community. Colourful bird houses and flowered planters would sit in front of a backdrop of positive messages painted on walls, bringing much needed colour to the streets of Ardoyne and Ballysillan. Local youth groups could team up with local Mens Sheds to build the bird houses and planters that would line the bare streets and help bring more light and life to the area. Other groups like schools or care homes could also be brought on board to be involved in the decoration. 

Reconnect by disconnecting


Phone free pop up event – a series of pop-up events with a ‘No Phone Zone’. Using a green space like the Waterworks where people would re-connect and relax through different activities and conversations without the use of their phones. Group yoga, sensory spaces and talks would allow people to focus their minds without distraction. 


Happy Cards


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Positive steps in a deck – Happy cards would be a motivational set of themed cards. There would be 3 sorts of card, action, inspiring and blank. Each one would act as a positive step or message for the user. Cards could be personalised using the blank cards. 


Moving ahead


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Repurpose an old bus with its own branding that would move around different areas in North Belfast. The bus would be for “mental health first aid” and be a mechanism for different events from music to cinema screenings to conversational workshops.

Time banking – help each other


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There are many volunteers playing music for the elderly at local care homes but there are many others who want to offer their time volunteering and don’t know how. Could there be a way of connect volunteers to the organisations in need of help. A site could be created where you register your time for the week or month and offer to different associations.

All the colours


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Have more colour to brighten up the streets like in west Belfast. Artists could be brought in to work with different groups from North Belfast to develop and creative positive murals. Alternatively an event like a chalk painting party could create a similar effect and buzz in the area.

Shared meals for young and old


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Elderly people would teach young people how to cook a certain meal and they would cook it and bring it to them once a week after. Each month there would be a new recipe. This would allow for both generations to connect in a more positive setting and also teach young people new skills. An event based around cooking could be launched to promote the programme and promote healthy eating.